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Men's Survey on Modesty

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Men's Survey on Modesty

The table on the reverse side contains the results of an informal survey of 237 single men ages 27-55 taken in 2006. The purpose of this survey was to help women realize how men are reacting to them, because as Pope John Paul II said, "The evolution of modesty in woman requires some initial insight into the male psychology." (Love and Responsibility, LR, p. 177)

Women got a raw deal in the sexual revolution and came to be seen as "objects of enjoyment" (LR, p. 160). And, in this age when both men and women are tuning in to John Paul II's Love and Responsibility, and his Theology of The Body; when young people are getting a good dose of solid Catholicism at universities like Franciscan U. at Steubenville, Ave Maria and Christendom; and just when young families are finding strong support for their faith in Opus dei, Regnum Christi, and the Neo-catechumenal Way, the concept of modesty seems lost on just about everyone, including some of these very same people. It seems that although many are digesting good words about chastity, the pictures portrayed by women's dress speak a different message. And, one picture is worth 1,000 words.

It's rather strange to see women who are enthusiastic about chastity and the Theology of The Body show up at a wedding with spaghetti strap dresses or strapless dresses. Have they been watching too much TV, to think that they have to show their shoulders to be formal? Women are not even allowed in St. Peter's in Rome with bare shoulders. And then there's the girl attending a solidly Catholic high school or college who arrives at the beach wearing a bikini. What gives? We don't expect much modesty from non-believers but from hard-core Catholics, we should expect a lot.

Revolutionary? Of course! Fr. David Knight wrote, "When it comes to American clothes styles, I personally favor a revolution... I think it is commonly recognized that the overall effect of the styles we see around us is to make sex objects out of women–and men, too." (The Good News about Sex, p. 225)

Until the chic chastity group gets serious about modest styles and begins to wear them, the dignity of women will not be restored. And women will continue to be seen, consciously or subconsciously, even by decent Christian men, as objects of enjoyment.

(Survey results follow on the reverse side of card)