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Benefits of Staying Slim

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This card contains the following text:


Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas taught that the appetite seems to have a life of its own. And, since it listens not only to reason, but to the senses and imagination as well, you cannot deal with it "despotically," that is, command it, and expect it to obey. If you repress it this way, it will go down into the subconscious, where it will wait for a moment of weakness, to explode in an eating spree.

You must rather treat the appetite "politically," that is, convince it to not go after wrong activity, by repeatedly presenting the values to be gained by curbing it. You must, in a sense, graft reason onto the appetite.

In other words, you must "convert the heart." Only then, when the heart is converted does the will become free of any resentment over refusing desired food. By repeating to yourself several times a day the arguments on the reverse side of this card, you can find the peace of true temperance. You don't avoid thinking about the issue, or wait for it to come up, but daily confront your will with these values. Eventually it will surrender to the truth.

Of course, this, as any virtue, requires much prayer. All the virtues are necessary to enter the Kingdom.


  1. Losing excess weight will make me healthier, less likely to have a heart attack, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, osteo arthritis, cancer, type 2 diabetes, or early death. (from
  2. It will make me feel better and have more stamina.
  3. It will make me look better. All sorts of vocational benefits follow.
  4. By making the sacrifice of cutting back I can save a soul from hell (Our Lady of Fatima) or get a soul released from purgatory.
  5. There are other ways of dealing with life's difficulties besides over eating.
  6. Keeping weight moderate is not a one-time effort, but a way of life.
  7. I can grow in the virtue of temperance, which I must have to enter the Kingdom.