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Clean Movies for Families

Christian Movies and Family Friendly Movies for Streaming


Christian and family friendly Movies (Fr. Morrow’s list) If you have any other recommendations, kindly email the name of the movie and two sentences about it to Fr. at

Greater – True story of Brian Burlesworth, who barely made the Arkansas football team, but through very hard work, became an all-American and was drafted in the NFL. He died in an auto accident before he got to play even one game. His brother prays for acceptance.
Woodlawn – True story of Tony Nathan, running back for Woodlawn High School in Birmingnam, Alabama when they were starting to integrate the schools. He went on to play for Alabama and the Miami Dolphins.
Finding Normal – Adorable fictional account of a New York surgeon who is arrested for speeding in Normal, Tennessee. She gets a sentence of three days of community service in Normal, where the judge is also the town doctor AND the minister. With Candace Cameron Bure.
Blind Side – True story of poor young football player taken in by a family and his rise to play in the NFL. With Sandra Bullock.
The Case for Christ – Journalist Lee Strobel researches Christianity to prove it false and discovers it’s true.
Fireproof – best ever movie on marriage and how to save it from disaster, with Kirk Cameron.
Courageous – Christian men raising the bar for their faith lives. Inspiring. (From creators of Fireproof)
War Room – With great jobs, a beautiful daughter (Alena Pitts) and a dream house, the Jordans seem to have it all. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as husband Tony (T.C. Stallings) flirts with temptation and wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) becomes increasingly bitter, crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn for the better when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer. (from Fireproof creaters).
Flywheel – A dishonest car salesman must return swindled money, with surprising results. (from Fireproof creaters).
Facing The Giants – Grant Taylor, a Christian high-school football coach (Alex Kendrick), gets some very bad news. Besides his and his wife’s (Shannen Fields) infertility problems, he faces the attempt of local parents to force the school to replace him. His team, the Shiloh Eagles, has never had a winning season in the six years that he has coached the boys. Following a visitor’s message, Grant tries to inspire his team to use faith to conquer fear and opposing teams. (from Fireproof creaters).
The Overcomer – By the makers of Fireproof and Courageous, story of a cross country runner who gets unexpected help from her reformed, long-absent father. (from Fireproof creaters).
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God’s Not Dead – After he refuses to disavow his faith, a devout Christian student (Shane Harper) must prove the existence of God or else his college philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo) will fail him.
God’s Not Dead II – High school history teacher Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) comes under fire for answering a student’s (Hayley Orrantia) question about Jesus. When Grace refuses to apologize, the school board votes to suspend her and threatens to revoke her teaching certificate. Forced to stand trial to save her career, Grace hires young lawyer Tom Endler (Jesse Metcalfe) to defend her in court. Endler devises a powerful strategy to show the jury the historical significance of Wesley’s classroom discussion.
God’s Not Dead III – The Rev. Dave Hill faces an unexpected setback when his beloved church burns down — prompting the officials at the adjoining university to try and kick his congregation off campus. Battle lines are quickly drawn between the church and the community as the reverend now finds himself at odds with his longtime friend — the president of the school. Facing a legal battle, Hill soon seeks help from his estranged brother — a big-city lawyer and atheist — in a fight to help rebuild the church.
God’s Not Dead 4: We The People is the fourth in the God’s Not Dead series that began in 2014. The film describes itself as a drama that “parallels current news headlines regarding the challenge against the freedom of speech and religious liberties as the fundamental right to educate children.”
Restless Heart– The life of St. Augustine. Well done.

Molokai – The story of St. Damien the Leper. Free viewing on Youtube.

For Greater Glory – In late 1920s Mexico, retired Gen. Gorostieta (Andy Garcia) and his wife (Eva Longoria) watch their country degenerate into violent civil war when the government enacts a series of anti-clerical laws. Gorostieta is at first hesitant to join the rebels, known as Cristeros, until he begins to see the cost of religious persecution on his countrymen. Though the odds are against him, the general nevertheless transforms a ragtag band of rebels into a formidable fighting force.

Most of these can be streamed for little or no cost at or the sites listed below.


A great source of Christian movies: No subscription needed. Stream movies for $4 or $5 each. Includes God’s Not Dead series.
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Another is Dove Channel, family friendly movies for $4.99/mo (need Roku).
For a list of the 10 best Christian streaming services go to Huge number of family friendly movies. Inexpensive subscription – $6/month! – Lots of Christian movies, and Catholic movies with no subscription required for streaming!