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For Love: Chaste Activity Before Marriage

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Believing that sexuality is sacred, and given to us for a noble purpose, I resolve to use that gift according to God's plan and for the dignity and well-being of myself and others. I promise, for the love of God and my future spouse, to live chastely before marriage; and to live by (a different) chastity in marriage, should God call me to that state.

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For Love: Chaste Activity Before Marriage

Affection - YES. Seeking Sexual Pleasure - NO (CCC2351) AFFECTION - includes warm, chaste hugs, touching or kissing hands, holding hands, touching face gently, tender brief (<1 min) goodnight kisses standing. (Brief unexpected sexual arousal from affection isn't sinful if not sought.) SEEKING SEXUAL PLEASURE - means sexual intercourse, tongue kissing, touching sensitive areas, long-term kissing, & anything else highly stimulating.